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Christmas is probably the event celebrated by one third of the world population and almost in every country of the world. Since I live North to the Equator, I usually hear about white Christmas. White Christmas is when it snows. Snow is the common object present in all bookish themes of Christmas, when a Santa Claus get gifts for children on a cart drawn by the Renideers on the Christmas night. And this is the main reason for fancying the white Christmas. Snow on the roads is a perfect settlement to stay cozy in the homes, with the family and enjoy the Christmas celebrations to its bit plus all the Christmas decorations, the Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments and decorations look fantabolous when displayed before a white background of snow.

Since snow normally brings silence and peace, the sparkling Christmas decorations add to the beauty of it. Christmas tree is another charm in Christmas celebrations and is more of a occasional symbol. Even to those who don’t have any direct association with Christmas tree are fascinated by it. Getting the tree, bringing it in right shape and size then decorating it with ornaments, balls and stocking is a playful task and adds to the beauty of the occasion.

Depositphotos brings you an awesome “Christmas lightbox offer” on Christmas images, pictures and wallpapers of Christmas characters and beautiful designs of Christmas trees in high definition.

High Definition Christmas Pictures & Backgrounds

Beautiful Christmas 2013 Wallpapers and Desktop Backgrounds

hd-christmas-wallpapers-pictures (21)

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Merry Christmas 2013 Wallpapers


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Merry Christmas Wallpaper for Desktop

merry-christmas-hd-wallpapers-pictures (23)

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Christmas 2013 Wallpaper Desktop Background

High_Definition_Pictures_HD_Christmas_Wallpapers_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas_Picture_Cards (198723)

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Christmas Tree Wallpaper Illustrations

christmas-tree-illustrations-wallpapers-pictures (25)

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Christmas Tree Wallpaper Desktop Background

High_Definition_Pictures_HD_Christmas_Wallpapers_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas_Picture_Cards (5)

Image Source

Christmas Tree Wallpapers for Desktop


Image Source

Merry Christmas Wallpapers Desktop Backgrounds

High_Definition_Pictures_HD_Christmas_Wallpapers_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas_Picture_Cards (0909)

Image Source

Merry Christmas Wallpaper for Desktop


Image Source

Awesome Christmas Tree Wallpapers

Cthristmas_tree_Christmas_picture_cards_High_Definition_Pictures_HD_Christmas_Wallpapers_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas_Picture_Cards (3)

Image Source

Beautiful Christmas Tree Wallpapers

Best_christmas_Pictures_HD_Christmas_Wallpapers_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas_Picture_Cards (10)


Mickey Mouse Christmas Wallpapers and Desktop Backgrounds

Best_christmas_Pictures_HD_Christmas_Wallpapers_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas_Picture_Cards (9)


Christmas Tree Ornaments and Stars Picture

Best_christmas_Pictures_HD_Christmas_Wallpapers_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas_Picture_Cards (8)


Happy Holidays Christmas Greetings Card



Christmas Gifts Wallpapers



Animated Christmas Cards

Best_christmas_Pictures_HD_Christmas_Wallpapers_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas_Picture_Cards (4qq)


Christmas Balls, Stockings and Tree Wallpaper

Best_christmas_Pictures_HD_Christmas_Wallpapers_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas_Picture_Cards (4)


Santa Claus Christmas Wallpaper

Best_christmas_Pictures_HD_Christmas_Wallpapers_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas_Picture_Cards (4)


Santa Claus Christmas Wallpapers and Backgrounds

santa_claus_Christmas_Wallpaper_Windows_desktop_backgrounds_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas Wallpapers_for_ Desktop (6)


Merry Christmas Wallpapers & Desktop Backgrounds

Christmas_balls_ornaments_Wallpaper_Windows_desktop_backgrounds_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas Wallpapers_for_ Desktop (6)


Merry Christmas Desktop Backgrounds

Merry_Christmas_Wallpapers_Windows_desktop_backgrounds_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas Wallpapers_for_ Desktop (6)

Image Source

White Christmas Wallpapers

Christmas_Wallpaper_Windows_desktop_backgrounds_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas Wallpapers_for_ Desktop (6)

Image Source

Merry Christmas Wallpapers Desktop Backgrounds

white_Christmas_Wallpapers_snow_house_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas Wallpapers_for_ Desktop (1)


White Christmas & Reindeer Wallpapers

white_Christmas_Wallpaper_snow_house_backgrounds_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas Wallpapers_for_ Desktop (1)

Image Source

White Christmas Puppy Wallpapers

white_puppy_christmas_puppy_Christmas_Wallpaper_Windows_desktop_backgrounds_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas Wallpapers_for_ Desktop (1)

Image Source

Christmas Wallpapers & Desktop Backgrounds

white_Christmas_Wallpaper_snow_house_backgrounds_Desktop_Backgrounds_Christmas Wallpapers_for_ Desktop (1)




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