Google Drive Faces Competition from iCloud, Microsoft, Amazon | Google’s Tactics to Counter Cloud Competition

The long rumored  Google Drive is finally on the web, adding to the absolute Google experience of 5GB cloud space for free.

The new player in the cloud market faces competition from Apple’s iCloud, Amazon’s Cloud Drive, Microsoft’s Sky Drive and other cloud companies like Dropbox and Box.


Google is pricing the Drive very smartly. With only $2.50 a month it offers 25GB space for Google Drive and Picasa along with 25GB GMail storage. This more for additional than what Microsoft and Amazon charge for additional 20GB storage but less than Dropbox, Box and Apple.

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Upload Size

The basic issue with online storage is limited upload file size. Google smartly competes here with offering 10GB upload file size which is way more than the competitor’s offer of 2GB.

Mobile Access

To access Google Drive from phone, Android app is already available at Android Market. However, iOS users have to wait for a bit.

In mobile access, Google is ahead of the competition as Dropbox, Box and Microsoft offers unofficial solutions to access the online drive from mobile. Apple offers iCloud only yo iOS 5 users and Amazon has only integrated with Android that too on limited scale.

apple vs android

The Competition

As far as overall competition is concerned, Amazon and Apple are out of the league since they are target market is different than that of Google Drive. Google Drive makes clear sense to those business personnel who are heavily engaged with Google Docs. But for the robust feature lovers of Dropbox and Box, Google Drive may not be an interesting idea.

The comparison of facilities offered by each cloud provider is highly recommended before going for an upgrade.

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    Bharat Chowdary Reply

    I like Google Drive, but still Dropbox is my first choice.

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