Happy Mother’s Day 2013 | Mother’s Day Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline

Mother’s Day Cover Photos:  Mother’s Day is not unknown to the world – it is one of the most famous days in a calendar year which is celebrated with most enthusiasm and excitement. To help you celebrate this beautiful day with even more love, we give you Mother’s Day cover photos for Facebook so that you can tell the world how much you love your mother.

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Mother’s Day is celebrated across the globe in different months. Some countries celebrate it in March, some in April and most of the countries celebrate it in May. In United States and more than 50 other countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on second Sunday of May. For those who’re wondering when is Mother’s Day 2013, be informed that Mother’s Day 2013 will be celebrated on:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A mother is the most beautiful and most caring relation anyone can have – a mother’s personality can not be described in words for it is so encompassing that it holds every attribute of love, care, kindness, compassion and patience etc. A mother’s love is unconditional, unlimited and undivided. A mother, in every form, is adorable – be it human mother or an animal – she carries the same attributes of motherhood. No other relationship in this world loves us more than our mothers do. A mother’s relationship is so special that it is utterly irreplaceable. A mother’s love is the purest, the finest and the kindest of all – that’s why a mother’s been given utmost importance in every religion, society or nation. Prophet Muhammad SAW, the greatest prophet and the most perfect human being once said that:

” Paradise lies beneath your mother’s feet “

Although every day is mother’s day – every day is meant to show love, kindness and gratitude for a mother’s love – but on Mother’s Day, everyone in the world recognizes, acknowledges, appreciates and pay gratitude to mothers around the globe for their sacrifices, courage and kindness. Mother’s Day 2013 is nearing; on this day, let’s show our mothers how much we respect and love them.

While you celebrate Mother’s Day 2013 in your own style, have a look at our collection of Happy Mother’s Day Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline and show everyone how much you adore your mother. The Mother’s Day cover photos for Facebook Timeline are colourful, catchy and adorable. Enjoy friends!

Happy Mother’s Day Cover Photos for Facebook 

Just click and download your favourite cover from our Mother’s Day Cover Photos:


Happy Mother’s Day 2013 Cover Photos



Happy Mother’s Day Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline



Mother’s Day Facebook Timeline Covers



Happy Mothers Day Timeline Photos for Facebook – I Love You Mom



Mothers Day 2013 Cover Photos for Facebook 



Mother’s Day Quotes: Happy Mother’s Day Cover Photos 



Mom, You’re the Best : Mother’s Day Cover Photos



Mother’s Day Typography – Mother’s Day Cover Photos



Mother’s Day Cover Photos



Mothers Day 2013 Cover Photos for Facebook 



Mothers Day 2013 Cover Photos for Facebook 



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