How To Get The Very Best From Your Employees

Every good business owner knows that their employees are the heart of the company. Without their continued hard work, the business would grind to a halt. They’re the ones managing clients and doing the groundwork. Your company thrives when your employees are ambitious, driven and passionate. It’s your job to encourage and extract the best performance from them. There’s a reason why the biggest corporations on the planet treat their employees well! Just take a look at Google who provide wonderful support for their staff. If you want to replicate Google’s success (who wouldn’t?) then keep reading, and discover how to get the best from your workers.



It all starts with effective communication between you and your employees. When you work as part of a team, your workers need to know you’re on their side. They need to know your door is always open to suggestions, complaints and feedback. Actively encourage them to share their ideas and thoughts. By doing this, they’ll feel valued and cherished in the work place. It creates an environment your employees love. More importantly, you can take advantage of their fresh perspective.


When working for a big company, it’s easy to feel like part of a big machine. You produce work with no idea how it makes an impact on the big picture. As an employer, it’s your job to make sure your workers feel valued for the work they produce. So, give them regular feedback on their job performance. Let them know how their recent project contributed to a landing a bigger client. Or give them some pointers on how their presentation could have been better.

Give them scope and responsibility

Most employees are ambitious. They’re looking to climb the company ladder and reach their potential. It’s in your interests to show them the way! That’s how you keep your best employees loyal and productive. Hold regular one-on-one meetings to discover what they want to achieve from their career. Look for ways to help them do that. Let them sit in on the next big meeting or trust them with a more lucrative account.


Ongoing training

As humans, we love to learn. We’re naturally inquisitive, and keen to widen our horizons. As an employer, it’s often easier (and cheaper) to train your existing employers to do new jobs. Rather than hiring new people, invest in your existing workers. Production and manufacture companies should enroll their employees in injection molding seminars, for example. Let your marketing department attend lectures on new techniques. It’s a fantastic way to extract the best out of your employees.

Treat them with respect

Our last piece of advice is simple, but effective. Just treat them with respect. Ask about their families, and respect their right to a private life. Don’t overload them with work or expect more than is possible. Make sure they feel part of a team, and let them know they’re contributing to something bigger.

It’s in your interests to spark the best possible performance from your workers. Follow the advice here, and you’ll inspire a powerful, productive workforce.

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