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Loki is a fictional supervillian in Marvel Comics and Thor-The Thunder God’s adopted brother and principal enemy.

The name comes from Norse mythology character of the same name. The character was created by fictional writer Stan Lee, scripter Larry Leiber and penciller Jack Kirby.

In 1949, Loki made his first appearance in Marvel Comics Timely Comics’ publications, depicted as a member of Olympian gods exiled from the underworld. His image resembles that of the devil. He planned to spread hatred and convinced Jupiter to let Loiki enter the world as Venus had pledged itself to stop Loki from his evil plans.

In 1962 brothers and co-writers Stan Lee and Larry Lieber reintroduced Loki in Marvel Comics Journey into Mystery #85, the character was redesigned by jack Kirby.

In the year 2009, IGN ranked Loki as 8th greatest comic supervillian of all times.

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Loki being Thor’s archenemies has made appearances in movies charactering Thor, and in Marvel’s The Avengers as well, which has become 3rd biggest movie of all times. Loki also had a major role in  “Siege” storyline in 2010.

The Smashable brings you Loki’s epic wallpapers and desktop backgrounds for PC, iPad and Facebook timeline.

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