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Nature is something we all love to have it around or be there around it. Whether it be lush green fields or pastures or trees clad in think shroud of snow. Nature is something which always mesmerizes us, soothes us and entertains us. Think about a trio of lady birds playing on a spiral of a plant or a wooden log shining on the beach during the sunset when every things shines gold, we love to photograph these scenes and keep them with us a token of appreciation for our memories.

For me the most mesmerizing and spell bound moment was when flying at night and see the full moon flying with me and when you are flying towards east and you see the sun rising in front of you and you are still in the part of the world which is still being ruled by the moon. I am fond of nature and like to be around it all the time. Fields, farms, waterfalls, deserts, beaches, mountains, forests, snow, rain and anything natural you name it, I love to have it around me.

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Not only that nature is soothing to our eyes, it is also a source of inspiration and creativity. Both are enhanced exceptionally when nurtured in nature and this is the reason most profound stories and couplets are written in bizarre environment or set in wilderness of nature.

Nature is also a source of romance. The newlyweds mostly go to beaches, hill stations, and snowy resorts as places for their first formal rendezvous. Those memories live with them with the reminiscence of fun, joy and pleasure they have had in the places which were not technologically perfect but were so romantically bizarre that there mere memories bring back the feelings of being together then in time. This is the beauty of nature. And this is what we love to capture.

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At Smashable, where we are always keen to bring you some interesting and intriguing stuff for your gadgets and spice your mental buds with the celeb gossips. This time we have an amazing collection of nature wallpapers for iPhone for all those tech savvy gadget loves who love to be around nature and keep it with them to keep their iPhone look fresh each time they open it.

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iPhone 5 Pictures, Nature Wallpapers and Backgrounds


Bubbles iPhone 5 Wallpaper Backgrounds


Green Tree iPhone Pictures, Wallpapers and Backgrounds


Green Fields Wallpapers for iPhone 5


Snow Trees Wallpapers for iPhone


Lady Birds Wallpapers for iPhone


iPhone 5 Wallpaper Backgrounds


Mauritius Beautiful Island iPhone 5 Wallpaper Backgrounds


Sunset Scenery for iPhone Wallpaper Backgrounds


Full Moon Wallpaper for iPhone


Natural Wallpaper for iPhone


Blue Flowers Wallpaper for iPhone 4


Sea Shells Wallpaper for iPhone


Green Leaves HD Wallpapers iPhone


Wallpaper Para iPhone


Water Fall Wallpapers for iPhone


Sunset Wallpapers for iPhone


HD Wallpaper for iPhone 4


Egypt Pyramids iPhone Wallpaper Backgrounds


Beautiful Night Wallpaper for iPhone 4


Spring & Autumn Wallpaper for iPhone 4


Pink Tulips Wallpaper for iPhone 4


Natural iPhone 5 Wallpaper Backgrounds


Soothing Wallpaper for iPhone 4


Autumn Leaves iPhone 5 Wallpaper


Lush Parks Natural Wallpapers of iPhone


Rocky Mountains iPhone 5 Wallpaper


Beautiful Wallpaper for iPhone


Autumn Leaves iPhone 5 Wallpaper


Butterflies Wallpapers for iPhone


Autumn Leaves iPhone 5 Wallpaper

 Image Courtesy: Sciphone

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