The New Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini: Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini To Be Launched on October 11 – Galaxy S 3 Mini Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S 3 Mini: Just when we though that Samsung is going to take a break after back to back smartphone launches, Samsung has planned to astonish us with another outing from its tech wonderland. To the most pleasant surprise of many tech-aficionados, especially European tech-freaks, Samsung is going to launch Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini on October 11, which happens to be tomorrow.

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With an intention to extend the brand umbrella of its flagship smartphone Galaxy S3, Samsung has designed the relatively, compact and smaller version of Samsung Galaxy S3 which is all set to be unveiled to the world tomorrow – October 11, 2012. Mind you, the date for the release of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini does not just happen to be tomorrow, it has been set on purpose – the launch date of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is scheduled deliberately six days before the much-debated and much-hyped release date of Apple iPad Mini – iPad Mini is set for October 17th release.


Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is all set for October release, here are all the specifications of Galaxy S3 Mini. Photo Credit: Mashable

Reportedly, the launch ceremony of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will  be held in Germany as the Mini extension to Galaxy S3 is directed for European users as they find taller-screened smartphones weird. There are some differences between Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S3’s specifications though. The most obvious one is that Galaxy S3 Mini will have a 4-inches screen compared to mounting 4.8-inches screen of Galaxy S3.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Specifications & Price

 Here are recently leaked specifications of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

  • 4-inches long screen
  • Powered and run by Android 4.1 or Jelly Bean
  • It will have a 1 GHz processor compared to powerful processor of Galaxy S3
  • Galaxy S3 Mini will have 1GB of RAM
  • 5 megapixels camera on the back of the phone
  • The resolution is also not HD-graphics, as Galaxy S3 Mini has 800×400 display compared to 1080-HD display of Galaxy S3
  • Galaxy S3 Mini has connectivity enabled for EDGE/GPRS/HSPA
  • Built-in internal storage memory is 16GB, however it can be increased to 32GB as it comes with a port for MicroUSB card
  • Built-in 1500mAh battery power
  •  The Price of Galaxy S3 Mini will most likely be 399 Euros that are equivalent to $510 dollars

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For those who thought that Galaxy S3 Mini will be a powerhouse smartphone with blistering speed, are not going to be satisfied this time but one thing is sure; Samsung will hit Apple pretty hard this time by pulling the attention to its Mini just few days before Apple launches its iPad Mini. 


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