Tech To Increase The Security Of Your Business

Your business must remain secure at all times, for obvious reasons. In a world of technological advancements and seemingly rising crime rates, it’s never been more important to stay safe. Security doesn’t come free however, and you’ll have to invest in a suite of various tech to ensure your company remains safe.

If security is a concern of yours, then look no further. The following post will present you with a couple of simple ideas that can boost the safety of your company, fast. Not all will be applicable to you, but they’re all worth considering if you’re safety-conscious.

  • Electric gates

 A business is most vulnerable after dark – you won’t be around, and neither will your employees. This makes you more prone to a break in, and in fact, over 60 percent of burglaries are forced entry. So, make it harder for the criminals to force their way in!


Gate equals protection

High quality electric gates could be introduced at the entrance to your business, so stop people from getting in. As the name implies, these gates will only open at the push of a button or a switch, by you. These gates are also very high and have spikes at the top, which makes it harder for robbers to climb over them without sustaining injury. These gates are also useful during the day, if you want to conduct ID checks for business visitors.

  • Identity scanners

Businesses rely on sales and business deals, and you have to make sure these are secure. Much of this comes down to confirming the identity of the client, in order to reduce fraud. Thousands and thousands of companies are the victims of fraud, so take the steps to ensure that you aren’t!

Your business could use advanced ID scanners to improve the security of transactions. You can also reduce fraud by confirming the identity of the customer in seconds. It’s important to not take certain things for granted, like assuming the honesty of the customer. Better safe than sorry!

  • VPN

The internet is often the main point of contact for hackers and data thieves, so take the steps to prevent it. A VPN helps make your internet connection more secure if you’re browsing on a public server.

Public means that anyone can use it, and that means anyone can intercept your data. A VPN gives you your own private space on that public network, meaning you can browse in peace. Whether you’re sending money from a business bank account or discussing a confidential deal, you’ll be secure.


Browse with peace of mind

  • EPOS Systems

Businesses that deal with cash are at risk of theft. That cash just lying there in a drawer is much easier to steal than pretty much any other method. EPOS is one such method, and is a safe way to increase the security of transactions.

You’ll still have cash, but it’ll be locked in a cash drawer. You’ll also have less of it, because your customers can now pay by card or contactless. This also speeds up transaction time and gets more people through your doors. You’ll keep your company running more smoothly as a result. The transaction itself will also be carried out in a secure fashion, as you won’t have to count out change or handle as much money.

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