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Top Best Smartphones of 2013: So what is your favorite smartphone for this year? Samsung Galaxy S4, it is? Or, is it HTC One? Nahh… It must be Google Nexus 4 right? Do you know which the most favorite smartphone of the world? Go on, take a wild guess. There may be a couple of smartphones that you put in your best smartphones list but what about rest of the world? Here, in this piece of an enlightening article, we give you a look at what smartphone is winning the race among best smartphones 2013. 

The year 2013 featured a lot of smartphones – smartphones with blistering speed and optimum performance – smartphones with awesome camera or new features. However, many smartphones were ruled out of the race, only few stood their ground and contested for the victor in best smartphone 2013 contest.

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Before we go to the denouement, we must  intimate you that this list if comprised by a careful rating received from worldwide users. The smartphones which are featured in the best smartphones 2013 category today, have been tested against the performance, camera, speed, network performance and many other features. The best among all of the smartphones is awarded number one smartphone.

So here we are with out list of best smartphones 2013. I bet your favorite smartphone is in the list as well.


Top Best Smartphones of 2013

Here is the list of the best smartphones of 2013. All your favorite smartphones are luckily in the list – but which is number one smartphone? Look through this list to know.

#10. BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone | Best Smartphones Of The World


#9 Nokia Lumia 928 and Nokia Lumia 920 | Best Smartphones


#8. Samsung Galaxy Note II | Top Smartphones of the World


#7. LG Optimus G Pro | Best Smartphones of 2013


#6. HTC Windows Phone 8x | Top Smartphones of the World


#5. HTC Droid DNA | Best Smartphones 2013


#4. Samsung Galaxy S4 | Best Smartphones of 2013


#3. Google Nexus 4 | Best Smartphones of the World


#2. HTC One Smartphone | Top Smartphones of 2013


#1. The New iPhone 5 | Number One Smartphone of 2013

And the number one smartphone of the world is……….by a unanimous decision….The New iPhone 5.


Do you have any other smartphone that is your favorite and not in this list? Tell us in comments section below.

COURTESY: BusinessInsider

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