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Best Romance Movies 2012: Hiya my movie geek friends – I’m back with another exciting list from my top movies 2012 spree. Guess what, today’s list is a list that most of you out there wondering and wanting to have hands on. Today, I give you 15 top best romantic movies 2012.

 Love is everywhere – in tinniest of substances, in largest of beings, in barren lands, in streaming rivers, in blowing winds, in floating leaves, in whispering voices, in gliding birds – love is omnipresent. It brings the best out of every human being and other living species. Love does miraculous things to us – it nurtures the best in us and teaches the very meaning of life.

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 Those who understand love and affection are always keen to browse for best love movies on Internet. Love movies are always the sweetest movies to watch, the light-hearted, happy-ending and cheerful movies that fill hearts with awesome feeling of love. There have been great love movies in the past; from Casablanca to Manhattan to The Notebook, there’ve been truly marvelous romantic movies.

 The year 2012, like every other year brought some of the finest love movies of past few years. I bring you only those who are the best and watch-worth because here at Smashable Movies, I give only recommend movies that give you value for time or money. So let’s proceed with our list.

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  Top Best Romantic Movies 2012

 Again, you might have your own favourites so pardon me, this list is mine.

 10. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 [2012] 


 To critics: Okay, I agree, this may not be a better romantic movie of 2012 but it still has some moments; believe me this one’s got a little bit of maturity, the little bit that its predecessors totally lacked. To teenagers: you don’t have to throw all those offensive bundles of adjectives on me pals for rating this so low, it’s just that there were better movies than The Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2.

 9. Step Up Revolution [2012] 


 This may originally be a musical-dance-romance movie but it still can be categorized as a romantic movie as it contains a wholesome amount of romance content. Watch how love brings out the best in the form of dance in the main protagonists of the movie.

 8. Rock of Ages [2012] 


 Again a musical-dance-love combo that comes with a heavy cast. Not too good but it still has some luxuries of a good romantic movie. So, in my list of top romantic movies 2012, it surely befits the genre.

 7. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World [2012] 


 Not many futurist love stories have found a favourable corner in the hearts of moviegoers but this one’s got some classy moments – moments that would make you cry or think of reuniting with your love interest regardless of who or where he/she is. Watch it for a bright romance stuff.

 6. Pitch Perfect [2012] 


 Looks like I’ve got a thing for musical-romantic flicks – Pitch Perfect is another musical love story that is vibrant, soft and fresh. Coupled with comedy, this movie delivers more than what was expected from this all-girls chick flick. A pretty mature romantic movie of 2012, surely a strong contender in my list of top love movies 2012.

 5. Rust and Bone [2012]


 I’ve not loved Marion Cotillard more in a movie than I do her in Rust and Bone. She’s a stunner, a performer, a showstopper. She’s got some killer looks but in this movie she proves she’s got sheer talent. She enacts her part so beautifully that you want to rewatch this amazing movie over and over again. Don’t miss this flick if you’re really a fan of great movies. Surely one of the top  best romance movies of 2012.

 4. Safety Not Guaranteed [2012] 


 Another futuristic, time-travel love story that features youngsters in a cheaky but sensible love story that’s got both substance and mature content. One of the most underrated movie of 2012, Safety Not Guaranteed is a top-notch romantic flick which should not be missed. Go grab it lads.

 3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower [2012] 


 Okay, I admit it – I’m not a fan of chick flicks and teenagers’ movies, I’ve had that time and now I only movies that enlighten and intrigue. But this movie, oh boy, this impressed me grossly. A friend asked me to watch this, I first showed some reluctance and nodded my head not in favour but now I’m glad that I gave this one a shot. Emma Watson emerges as a true talent that is surely to be appreciated and applauded for such a breath-taking performance in this one. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of my own favourites from top romantic movies of 2012.

2. Moonrise Kingdom [2012]


Drama, fantasy, adventures, family, romance, relationships – this movie’s got them all. It covers so many genres of movies and yet comes out as a winner. Brimmed with great cast, great screenplay and dexterous direction, this movie is a blockbuster in terms of movie content. You can not afford to miss this one.

1. Silver Linings Playbook [2012] 

best romantic movies 2012_silver-linings-poster

This is definitely the greatest love story to come out in 2012. A near-to perfect romantic movie that will entertain, amuse and enlighten you. This mesmerizing piece of cinematic excellence is definitely the best love movie of 2012. Jennifer Lawrence enacts that intricate part of hers with flare and commendable ease. This soft-hearted, well-directed romance drama deserves cheers, whistles and claps for its film-making bravado. Most definitely the best romantic movie from the best romantic  movies of 2012.

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