Unique Polygon Free Vector Backgrounds (PSD)

Polygon Free Vectors: There is a great deal of hard work involved the job of graphic designers. They spend hours in front of their personal computers drawing creative vector images. In my line of work I meet people belonging to various fields. Among all of the career people I meet I find the job of a graphic designer the most time consuming. I literally find them playing with pixels.

Graphic designers are usually keen and passionate about their work. Specially those who develop icons and vector images. This is because both of these vector designs build up the image of the interface they are attached to. Icons are developed in a way that they stand out on the background. However, vector images have a diversified use. They are used to make background images for web pages and blogs. They are also widely used in marketing field and provide for background images of the flex signs and banners.

Out of many hobbies I have travelling is my favorite. I like to meet new people, see different cultures. I get photography images from across the world. Whenever I travel I keenly observe their culture, their hobbies, their attitudes and how they communicate their messages. Their billboards and marketing banners are one way of observing it.

The most appealing banners and flex signs I see are those with wooden textures and with colorful polygon backgrounds. In the era of technology when display screens have amazingly high definition images well designed polygon vector images are the best way to present a screen. Polygon vectors may look simple to design. But they are not. Graphic designers have to work on each pixel and give it a varied shade of color so that the polygon looks appealing and eye catching.

The Smashable has brought in a new category of graphic design for our graphic designer friends and viewers. This time we bring an amazing collection of beautifully designed unique polygon free vector images in different colors. The collection is designed by Vinay Mittal and can be used by designers in a range of assignments like wallpapers, backgrounds, greeting cards, prints, flyers, power point presentations etc. The download pack is available at the bottom of the post.

Unique Polygon Free Vector Backgrounds

Green Shades Polygon Free Vector Backgrounds


Orange Shades Polygon Free Vector Backgrounds


Red Shades Polygon Free Vector Backgrounds


Turquoise Beige Teal Polygon Free Vector Backgrounds


Green Purple Beige Polygon Free Vector Backgrounds


Brown Beige Polygon Free Vector Backgrounds


Unique Polygon Free Vector Backgrounds


Format: JPG
Dimensions: 3000×2500 px
Resolution: 300 dpi

Courtesy: GraphicBurger


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